• Chatbots testing – case study

    Who? K2Bots.AI ( is a growing company from Warsaw creating advanced chatbots and implementing modern voice applications. The company’s main goal is to provide its clients with the highest standard products and to promote AI, including machine learning and natural language processing. Recently, Maciej Maliszewski – Head of Bots – came to us looking for […]

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  • Algorithms, or what is it about?

    The general definition assumes that the algorithm is certain actions that are supposed to solve a specific problem. In the era of the development of artificial intelligence, the data with which we feed the system become its food. Algorithms in this situation are work instructions for his “digestive” processes – how to use the data, […]

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  • Challenges of the client employing a remote team part 2

    Recently, we wrote about the benefits of working with remote teams. Today we will tell you about several challenges that a person deciding to take on a remote team for their project. UncertaintyIn relation to new people in a traditional team of employees there is always a certain amount of uncertainty as to their competence […]

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  • Benefits of a client cooperating with a remote team part 1

    The current market situation has forced many companies to change work mode to telework. However, many companies have already decided to outsource or cooperate with remote teams to obtain ready results. Why do business owners decide to rent a remote team? Are these just lower costs or something more? Cost savings for the customer Yes, […]

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  • Segmentation? So how do we classify images in computer vision

    Segmentation is one of the most important activities in computer vision. The ability to recognise objects in what we see is automatic in all the living beings with eyes. We do not need to learn it as we see naturally see shapes and objects, and we can differentiate them instantly. A computer image is a […]

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  • Why does data labeling make sense in business?

    Every year we are increasingly moving our businesses online in the cloud. We gain increasing amount of data from each operation and task. The data can be transformed in machine learning systems to draw the right conclusions and to execute the proper strategic actions. How to do it effectively? Arrange, organize, and above all label […]

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  • Data labeling facilitates recruitment – case study

    Who? Element ( is a young, growing and dynamical company from Gdynia providing innovative solutions to  automate the recruitment processes. The company mission is the implementation of the latest technologies to shorten the recruiting time and to reduce the cost of acquiring suitable candidates. In the first quarter of this year, its founder, Maciej Michalewski, […]

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