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Chatbots testing – case study


K2Bots.AI ( is a growing company from Warsaw creating advanced chatbots and implementing modern voice applications. The company’s main goal is to provide its clients with the highest standard products and to promote AI, including machine learning and natural language processing.

Recently, Maciej Maliszewski – Head of Bots – came to us looking for a qualified team to verify the communication level of two professional chatbots created by K2Bots.AI for two leading companies.

What we did?

After familiarizing ourselves with the needs of the company, together with the team we established the most appropriate action plan. For piloting purposes, we have provided an enlarged team of testers to test the chatbots. K2Bots.AI has chosen the optimal solution according to its needs and possibilities.


Our testers within two days verified the functioning of a chatbot for a chain of furnitures stores by asking over 100 questions, including customer service issues. This was to check the chatbots’ ability to understand different styles of human communication.

Meanwhile, another group of 15 independent testers in a short time constructed individual questions for chatbots for a real estate company. The team combined phrases from various categories to search for an apartment with specific parameters. The testers wanted to test the Chatbot’s skills of “understanding” search commands and presenting specific results.

Customer Feedback:

The foundation of creating high-quality chatbots equipped with artificial intelligence technologies is to provide them with the highest quality training data derived from conversations with as many different users as possible.

Cooperation with WEimpact.AI allowed us to conduct a wide range of conversations with chatbots in a short time, with the participation of many people implementing complex conversation scenarios. This approach allowed an effective detection of problems and optimization of the chatbot mechanisms already in the first days of its functioning.

Maciej Maliszewski, Head of Bots @ K2Bots.AI